Prototype PCB Assembly Service

PCB Prototyping

Fast Turnaround Service

Our PCB Prototyping Service provides the fastest turnaround in Australia - using our Mydata MY500 Jetprinter to replace solder stencils.

The MY500 Jetprinter replaces the conventional Solder Screen and does all the paste placement via an 'ínkjet style' head. The MY500 needs only a Gerber file to produce an accurate pasting file which can be individually modified for each individual component.

Submitting Files

  • The same files submitted for making solder stencils are used to create files for the MY500.
  • Once created, the MY500 file can address individual pads to add or remove solder paste.
  • Pasted pads are inspected by the MY500's camera and can be re-pasted if required. This means a perfect solder placement is achieved every time with a single pass.

Prototype Modifications

  • Should your Prototype require one or two modifications, this is simply done by modifying the existing MY500 file.
  • This eliminates the cost of a new solder screen.

Prototype Components

  • Before a Prototype can be manufactured, ALL components must be available.
  • All components are generally supplied to us by the customer but we can also purchase components on your behalf.
  • Hard to obtain and long lead time components should be supplied by the customer.